Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh my gracious. I can't believe I've started watching this show.

Say Yes to the Dress on TLC.

It's bad. So very, very bad.

But I like to see the wedding gowns, although with the bridal couture these days, I'm not sure why.

Like all reality shows, it's all about the drama. Of course the producers won't profile the "typical" brides. You know, the ones who stick to their budgets, aren't sick with cancer, don't have a fiance in Iraq or aren't beauty queens.
I think this is the $11K dress.
Beautiful, but come on already!

I don't judge people regardless of their.. ahem... situations, but I must admit it's really hard to concentrate on the brides' and bridal consultants' worthy qualities.

Scott and I were watching an episode last night in which the bride-to-be wasn't even engaged yet! She was just really, really excited. Her boyfriend knew she was coming to try on dresses, so he met her in the fitting room and proposed.

When asked why he'd waited so long to pop the question, he said, "She's an amazing woman and she's worth an amazing ring. I had to save up for it." Very cool. I totally appreciate his candor.

Then this bride picks out an $11,000 dress to which she can't Say No! She knows it's too much money and she can't really afford it. She knows that it's the equivalent to the down payment on a house. But she buys it anyway.

Scott and I just shook our heads. How is their marriage going to last? Here's her boyfriend saving for years to buy her the perfect (and modest) ring and she goes and buys a crazy expensive dress that she totally can't afford! Um... a couple with such polar opposite views in finances is in for a big ol' challenge.

Um, where's the other part of the bodice?
Then there was another bride who cried and pouted until her fiance gave in and let her buy a third wedding dress. Yes, you read correctly. She has three wedding dresses for one wedding. Hello!

The morals in this show are hideous! Selfishness? Check. Obsession? Check. Wastefulness? Double check.

I really need to stop watching it. But... it is kind of fun to watch with the girls. We like to talk about the dresses (what is with the current mermaid-style fad? Ick!) and wonder aloud at the insanity of the women profiled. At least I know my girls understand the morals and values Scott and I have been teaching them from Day One. And that makes me happy.


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