Friday, July 29, 2011

Longest Drive EVER!

Seriously, we have driven across entire large states in less time than it took us to get home from northern LA today.

It sucked. Big time.

The drive should have taken no more than 4 traffic-free hours, but this is LA we're talking about, so there's no such thing. We expected *some* slowing.

We did not expect stop and go for more than TWO HOURS.

And it could have gone on for another three or four hours had we not detoured to another freeway. I figured it would be just as bad everywhere, but it was actually fair to midland.

By this point, though, we'd been in the car more than three hours so we stopped for a snack. In the only place we could. A total ghetto. I was so relieved when we pulled back into the stop and go of the freeway. (Don't hear that too often, do you? LOL)

At some point later, after more slowing of traffic, patience and blood sugar, we found a Target to peruse. Emma needed some anti-itch cream for her wicked looking bug bits and I wanted to check out the toy clearance section. (AWESOME deals! I'll post on that tomorrow.)

We pulled into our driveway about 9:20pm, almost nine hours after we left camp. I know Emma loved camp and all, but honestly? Next year, she's gonna have to go to a camp a bit closer.

Now my filthy, exhausted, camped-out daughters are showered, comfy and tucked into their very own beds.

I am not very far behind. Nighty-night.

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