Sunday, July 17, 2011

The perfect San Diego beach

Coronado... ah, Coronado.

The hours I spent on that beach while growing up came rushing at me faster than the fantastic waves drumming up onto the perfect golden shore.
See the Hotel Del way, way, way in the background?
This beach is the polar opposite of the one we went to last week. It's expansive and clean, spacious and comfortable. So much room to spread out and run back and forth between the water and our camp. We could see the Coronado Islands in the distance, little crabs scuttling on the sand, live sand dollars imperceptibly digging their way into the sand.

Yes, there really is this much space! And we got the best
parking spot ever, just in front of that house with the
square tower.
And what made it even better?

Brand-spanking new boogie boards!

The four of us, plus a Hayley friend, sprayed on the sunscreen then flew into the knee-numbing water.

Yes, it was icy. Frankly, I'm surprised there weren't ice cubes sloshing about in the waves.

We ignored the cold, jumped on the boards and rode those frigid waves all the way back into shore.


We laughed and shouted and hooted and then promptly scraped our knees falling off into the sand.

Family fun doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Unless you count burying the youngest in a deep hole of sand, walking the beach holding the hand of my honey and stopping for ice cream on the way home. Ahhhh... what a great day.

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Country Wife said...

I miss the beach! I'm so jealous!!