Sunday, July 3, 2011

Deep-fried butter? I don't THINK so.

We went to the Del Mar/San Diego County Fair today and I did not like it. Not one little bit.

For one thing, the overwhelming smell of deep-fried food was just too.... too... too... nauseating. I mean, deep-fried butter? Deep-fried Oreos? Deep-fried Pop Tarts? Deep-fried Kool Aid? Just the thought of all of it made me want to run far, far away.

And chocolate-covered bacon? PUH-lease.

We did not buy any food or drink there. No way. No how. We practically had to sell one of the kids to one of the scary carnies in order to pay for just the rides.

Hold onto your rickety ride seats, Readers, because rides cost between $4 and $7 each.

EACH!! For one ride! For one person!

I bought $20 worth of tickets and said, "This is it. Choose carefully."

And the carny games? I practically cried as I set a tenner in the dude's hand, knowing my hopeful and excited daughters would not win a three-foot Angry Bird.

I'm curious to know what the average family pays during a day at the fair. We spent $110 in three hours, including parking ($10) and admission ($40). So goes our entertainment budget for the next couple weeks...

But you know what? While all four of us agree that we have no desire to go back next year, Scott and I are so glad that the girls got to experience it. The smells of the livestock on display, the run-away pig dressed in a pink tu-tu (I'm not kidding! LOL), rows and rows of ginormous turkey legs ready for the next tempted tourist, the overwhelming colors and lights of countless games...

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Beth said...

The Minnesota State Fair is awesome! We spend about $150...but we don't do rides...I have been going for 40 plus years and it never really changes..The food vendors are spread out...especially the deep frying ones and so it isn't too overwhelming!