Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I adore my husband and all, but if he ever wants...

anything related to peaches again, he's gonna have to do it himself.

What on God's peach-colored earth is she talking about? you're now asking yourself.

I'm in the process of making peach butter for Scott. This is the first and last time it will ever happen.

Peaches are so gross. They're slimy when you peel them, mushy on their bruises and just wicked looking around the pit.

All illusions of my ever willingly eating a peach are now OVER!

Ever since last winter when I bought a book on microwave canning, I've been looking forward to summer so I could prepare and can Scott-friendly jams and butters.

I started with apricots. Each and every one of them was moldy inside. *shudder* Absolutely revolting.

And then this peach experience? Horrible.

I think I'll stick to pears and applesauce.

But I really, really want to make Scott-friendly jam. I'm sure you know how crazy-expensive pure fruit spreads are. The grocery bill ratchets up a notch every morning when the man puts a quarter-jar-full on his cream of buckwheat.

Here's an idea. Maybe I should start with frozen fruit. It's supposedly almost rivals fresh fruit in freshness, right? I'll have to do a little price research and see if it's worth trying.

Thoughts, Delicious Readers?


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