Thursday, July 8, 2010

And today we pack the kitchen!


I actually started yesterday, but then I remembered that Neighbor Gloria wants to learn how to pack dishes and I promised to let her watch/help me. She was otherwise occupied and couldn't come over, but hopefully she's free today.

Then I'll start cleaning... the fridge, the girls' bathroom, the laundry room floor.

And I'll pull all the nails and screws out of the walls and start spackling. I've always liked spackling.

Scott's still working. I really wish his last day was yesterday so he could be here to finish up the garage and his own things that need to find box homes. I'm perfectly willing to pack his stuff, but I don't know which books in the large stack in front of his dresser he wants to bring with us on the trip, nor do I know his preferred method of packing his Lego Star Wars creations.

I certainly wouldn't want to mess those up. ;)

Off I go to get started! This is so fun!

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margg. said...

how exciting.
you're almost finished!