Sunday, July 4, 2010

\o So long. Farewell. o/

Tonight brought some of the hardest good byes. Our wonderful church friends threw a party in our honor and in honor of another family that's moving just after us. (Shout out to the Morris Family! We'll miss you!)

What a blessing to spend the evening with friends, talking, listening to music (thanks, Jeff and Dave; you're both awesome!), watching the kids run around and play... Makes me wonder why we didn't get together more often while we still had the chance.

I'd like to say I won't make that mistake next time we find ourselves encompassed by an amazing group of people. Life does have a tendency to get in the way, though...

We stayed as long as we could but eventually the girls wore themselves out so completely they could barely stand up. I'd actually been waiting to leave for sometime by that point. Not because I actually wanted to leave, but because I was (am) in horrendous, unbelievable, difficult-to-breathe-through pain.

Remember the cold I've been dealing with all week? Turned into a raging sinus infection.  It is so bad that the left side of my face is actually swollen.  Fortunately, it's not particularly noticeable unless you know me well.  

I'm taking 4 Tylenol at a time and it's barely touching the pain. Sudafed, Zicam, saline... nothing is making a difference.  I did get an rx this morning for amoxicillian, so I'm hoping that this time tomorrow I'll be feeling better.

It's hard to concentrate on anything but the desperate desire to slice open the roof of my mouth and relieve some of the pressure.  Instead I have to resort to hot, moist compresses or, as I discovered this afternoon, actually putting my face in hot water.  I laid on my side in a bath this afternoon for ages with the left side of my face submerged.  It helped.  Just barely, but it did make a difference. I'm thinking about taking another right now.


And boohoo. Good byes are no fun. No fun at all.

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