Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Great Paper Attack

Remember the photos from yesterday of all the paper in the kitchen? What happens when you add to that stack the rest of the packing paper from around the house?

The pile grows to a GARGANTUAN size!

Now you could feel overwhelmed by the insanity. By the fact that it takes up 90% of the living room. Or by the fact that you actually have to do something about it. 

Yes, it has to go. No one (and I mean no one) wants to decorate their living room with packing paper. 

Thus, each and every layer of the Great Paper Attack must be flattened. And then neatly folded with its counterparts and slid into Space Bags before sucking all the air from the bag and flattening them until they're as flat as, well... paper.

A word of warning, though, as you dive into the stack...

Don't let it suck you in!

But it's really fun to burst right back out again, scaring the innocent 
children in the room with shrieks of surprise!

And after that, it's time to make paper angels!

Another word of warning?

Make sure the paper goes all the way down. 'Cause throwing yourself back onto a pile of paper that's really just balanced between two tall boxes really hurts. My patootie got a big ol' bruise and 
the muscles in my lower back stretched the wrong the way. Ouch!

And I'm thinking this photo here of this itty-bitty paper monster would be a 
fantastic photo on the back of my book. Don't you?


Kendra said...

How fun. Well, sorta. Unpacking isn't fun, but that big ol' pile of paper looks like it. I have given you a blog award today, if you wanna come over and check it out! :-)

Carrie said...

Oh how I hate moving! I love the paper stash though, my kiddos would have a blast with that! Fun stuff.