Friday, July 2, 2010

How did this happen?

You all know by now that I'm Director of Vacation Bible School this year. I'm having a blast, loving (almost) every minute of the planning.

There have been a couple moments of confusion, though, like when I counted up a total of registered kids two Sundays ago. 92 kids.

92 is a lot of children. We normally have 130-140, so I wondered what happened and what I could do to encourage more kiddos to register.

I talked to the Pastor about it and she announced at the next service that VBS still had openings. Apparently that was all that was needed.

In ONE week, 40 kids registered! How cool is that?!!!!

Now I'm putting together class rosters and am amazed at the size of our classes. Good thing we have 70+ volunteers! We're going to need them all!

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