Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I need all these kitchen gadgets why?

Seriously, do they reproduce in the darkness of the drawers? How did I get three drawers, one 6"x10" in. container and one pitcher on the counter's worth of spoons, knives, potato peelers, spatulas, etc. etc. etc.


I keep going through the chaotic plethora, yet I can't decide what to get rid of. It all seems crucial.

Let's look at a favorite D. family meal... beef stew.

Knife to cut the meat
2 potato peelers to peel the carrots and potatoes (The girls like to help with this part.)
Another knife to cut the veggies
Can opener to open the can of green beans (I'd love to use fresh, but they're often way too expensive.)
Multiple measuring spoons for the seasonings
Spatula for stirring the meat while browning
Large stirring spoon for occasional stirring
Large ladle for serving

That's nine separate gadgets right there!

Double sheesh.

I just don't think I can eliminate anything.

Certainly not the ice cream scoop. The jar opener has to stay. Kitchen scissors are imperative. The two spreaders work so much better than knives for frosting the occasional cake. The pot strainer? Can't cook ground beef without it. The egg separator, the egg slicer and the basting brushes? Crucial.

And I'm sure you all agree with me that one can never have too many tongs.

So what kitchen gadgets would you get rid of if you had to? What can't you live without? I'm truly interested to hear what you have to say, so click Comment right underneath this post and tell me!

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