Monday, March 2, 2009

Blog? What blog?

A few weeks ago, I started working again for Scott's company, Lariat. Part-time, great salary, work from home, set my own hours... It doesn't get any better than this!

Yet I curb my enthusiasm for working because I've given up time to write my book. If you'll remember, several Mondays ago I came up with a weekly schedule allowing for both book and Lariat. And, of course, time for Delicious as Pie. It worked for that first week, but not since. Even have given up two to three hours of sleep a night, there is just not enough time for everything. I've even been too occupied to put fingers to keyboard and type more than a once-a-week diversionary blog post for you.

I wish it wasn't that way. There are so many things I want to blog about! But employment is a very good thing for me.

In this horrid economy, with unemployment, foreclosures and a seriously scary stock market, I've been handed a fantastic job. Why wouldn't I work as many hours as I can? The money I make will make a dramatic difference in our goals... paying off bills, saving for retirement and college, padding our savings account, tithing a bit more to the church each month, putting away money for a vacation or the flat screen tv Scott desperately wants.

Yes, there are way too many options, most of which are equally important. Scott makes a great salary and we're making significant progress on our bills. (I'm not too proud to say that we racked up some substantial credit card debt while trying to survive the start of Scott's Midwest sales career.) But my extra salary can, and will, make a difference in our future.

But money aside, there's another huge reason for working again: none of us know what tomorrow holds.

God forbid something happen to Scott and I'm left to raise the girls on my own. Even with the life insurance we have, I'd still have to go back to work. Imagine (or maybe some of you don't have to if you're already living it) that you're trying to find a decent paying job when you haven't worked in ten years. Imagine trying to find that when unemployment rates are as high as the stock market is low.

In a nutshell... Not. Gonna. Happen.

I seriously cannot come up with a decent reason not to work for immediate salary as opposed to a book that might someday get published and might someday make a little bit of money. The job with Lariat wins out every time, so...

Interacting regularly with other adults? Really great. Earning a good salary while doing so? Absolutely fantastic. Current additions to my resume? Priceless.

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