Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kicked Out of the House

Sunday afternoon, Scott asked me if I still wanted to go to a concert we had talked about attending. It was that night and we hadn't gotten a sitter, so we opted not to go.

The girls, though, heard us talking about a babysitter and decided that Scott and I needed a date, even though we didn't have a sitter.

Hayley and Em insisted they would be fine on their own while we went out for dinner. They've stayed together alone before -- never for very long, but dinner doesn't generally take long.

While we were deciding, Hayley presented us with this coupon... I've scanned both the front and back sides for your amusement!

Pester, pester, pester. They were desperate!

Hayley agreed to heat up dinner for the both of them. Emma brought me my purse and Hayley gave Scott his jacket. They handed him the keys and made sure I had my cell phone (and that it was on!) Emma even went so far as to open the door and push me out! Except that we hadn't even decided yet!

We were officially kicked out of the house!

Not that we minded, of course! Black Angus, here we come!

An hour and a half later, we were home again. Everything went smoothly -- they'd mostly followed directions! No tv was watched, but also no dishes were cleaned up. (Don't tell them, but that was ok. I was so pleased that they'd had fun together.)

Maybe Scott and I will get kicked out of the house again someday soon!

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Kidsncats said...

Isn't it exciting to not always NEED a babysitter anymore? Rob and I also have enjoyed a couple short dinners out while kids were home on their own......we always rent a movie though that they can only watch while we are out -- keeps fighting between them down and gives us the comfort of knowing they are just hanging out on the couch and not doing anything dangerous!