Thursday, March 12, 2009

SO Not Delicious Carpet Cleaning

I am so thoroughly disgusted. If you live in this area, do not call Chem-Dry for your carpeting cleaning needs

I did my research. I called three companies, comparing rates and environmentally sound practices. Chem-Dry was a few dollars more expensive, but I felt better about their cleaning style.

Now just so you understand the entirety of the situation, let me share the numbers with you.

I have just under 1000 sq. ft. of carpet. I was quoted at 36 cents a foot, thus the total would be $360. I was told, though, that that was just an estimate based on approximation of carpet footage. Ok, no problem. I get that.

So when the dude gets here and tells me the bill will be $500, I'm surprised. I have him take off my bedroom and the sewing room to reduce that price, my goal being to get back to the original quote. When that wasn't enough, I had him take off Emma's room. Still not enough.

That's when I figured it out. I asked, "You're still charging me 36 cents a foot, right? That's what I was quoted at." He said, "No, it's actually 46 cents." He had a little smirk on his face when he said it, too. Huh? I thought maybe I was mistaken, but I found my notes from the original phone call and no, I was correct.

Calling their head office, I spoke with the same guy who quoted me. He explained that they were charging me the "hot water" rate since that's what my carpet needed. (He only quoted the standard rate, never even alerting me to the possibility of a different cleaning system.) He wanted to talk to the head carpet cleaner and when they were done, the carpet cleaner tried to explain it to me again.

I told him to finish the room they were in (Hayley's) and leave. I no longer wanted their services. They'd already started the hallway, so they needed to finish that and they offered to do Emma's room for free. Apparently the stairs needed to be done, too. I let that one go, though, since they *really* needed cleaning.

Well, the total cost went from $500 to $150, for one room, the hallway and the stairs. I just wrote the check. They know I won't be calling again. They know I'm upset.

So let me repeat:

Do not call Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners!

Oooh, I wish I were registered with Angie's List. I would so give them a virtual throttling.

You guys know what a pain in the a** it is to prep a house for carpet cleaning. Pick up the toys, move the lighter furniture, make the beds, clean the kitchen so you can cover the counters with random plants and other decor... I spent an hour running around making it all happen thing morning. (Scott's sick so I didn't ask him for help. I let Hayley, with her newly broken arm, get out of picking up her room and making her bed. Emma? Well, it was just easier to get her to focus on getting ready for school.) At least now my house is picked up. Guess it's a good time to dust it, right?


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