Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Bella: Broken, Brave and... Giddy?

Hayley and Em went to Fred Meyer's this afternoon to purchase an all-important box of Popsicles. Hayley's Bella tendencies apparently joined them and pushed Hayley right off her scooter. She tried to catch herself -- with her hands and wrists, apparently.

Now normally, if one of the girls gets hurt while out playing, they call me immediately. (I always make them take my cell if they go farther than around the block.) They've called for scrapes and bruises, but never anything serious.

So imagine my surprise when they get home from Freddie's and Emma rushes in saying Hayley hurt her arm. I'm thinking, "Yeah, right." This girl gets hurt 20 times a day (I'm really not exaggerating) and no longer do I take her injuries seriously.

Hayley came in a moment later, not crying, not hysterical, not playing the drama queen. She simply held out her wrist and said, "I fell on it and it hurts." Sure enough, it was swelling and didn't look quite right. It was just past 5pm, so I called Urgent Care to see if the x-ray dept. was still open or if we'd have to go to the hospital. It was open, but there was an hour wait to see the doctor first.

Not wanting to wait, I told Hayley to take a bath and when she was done, we'd go. Not so smart as it turned out. Scott took her and after they checked in, he called to say the wait was now 2 1/2 hours! Emma and I ate dinner, then went over there so he could come home and eat. (I brought Hayley dinner in a Tupperware.)

When we left three hours later, Hayley's wrist and forearm were firmly wrapped up. Two fractures. Two! I tell ya, that Bella!!!

The weirdest thing about this whole evening is that she's thrilled to death to have a broken arm. Huh? Giddy, even. She kept saying, "Cool!" and giving me the thumbs up sign as I was talking to the doctor. In my maternal reasoning, I'm guessing it's because of all the extra attention she'll garner. That and the fact that she's now excused from band for several weeks!

Before I close, let me explain the Bella reference for those of you not familiar with the insane and intense love affair tweens and teens have with the Twilight phenomenon. Bella, the main character, is clumsy beyond belief. So clumsy, in fact, that it seems accidents and incidents look for her.

That would be my Hayley. My Bella.

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M.Y said...


I think by now you know that it is a matter of fact broken. In two spots. Tell Hayley that I hope she feels better soon even thought I tell her everyday at school. She seem almost happy about it. And as well as she is definatly NOT happy with the fact that she is excused from band. She is really sad that she has to miss our concert. Oh yeah, She really likes The Legend Of Castle Armagh, as well do I, my mom is copying it for me to play when we have to give it up maybe you could to the same for Hayley!