Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am the Champion! (Come on, sing it with me!)

'\o I am the Champion! No time for losing... o/'

That's right, folks!

You're very own Delicious As Pie blogger has won the St. Andrew Lutheran Church Annual Chili Cook-off for the second year running!!!

I posted the recipe for White Chicken Chili just last week. Remember how I didn't get a shot of the finished product because we ate it so quickly? Well, that was nothin' compared to those hungry Lutherans!

I made a double recipe and there was but a thin scraping on the bottom of my crock pot remaining by the time I got there. Granted, I had to teach a Lenten class right then and didn't get there till the whole cook-off was over, but still! I was hungry and I wanted some chili!

I didn't get to try anyone else's either since it was all packed up and gone by the time my class was out. What a bummer!

Scott made me laugh, though, because he had completely forgotten about the chili cook-off. He drove all the way home (church is half way between home and work) and only realized what night it was when the chili-scented house was empty! After a mad dash back to church, he was too late for chili, too.

So as the Lenten service started in the sanctuary, he and I sat in the narthex scraping out the last bits of chili from my crock pot. (Good thing I keep a spoon in my purse for such emergencies! LOL) We only managed a few spoonfuls, but man, it was delicious!

Included in my winning prize pack were two dish towels (chili pepper themed, of course), a "Two Hot to Handle" pair of hot sauce and a green chili pepper decoration.

The whole thing is just so ironic -- we eat very little spicy food around here!

Now lift your glass of wine (or water or soda or, in my case right now, orange juice). Here's to winning! *Clink* And here's to all the makers of the other delicious (so I heard) pots of chili! *Clink* It's the fellowship that really matters. We have such a fantastic congregation -- fellowship is a joy of which to be apart.

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