Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm mentally kicking credit card companies in the shins

I am so annoyed. Everyone knows credit card companies are out to get you, one way or another. But generally, they want to keep your business so they'll help you out to a degree.

And given that Scott and I have impeccable credit, we've always gotten fantastic rates.

So when I got a notice last week from Chase that our APR was going from 4% to 17.24%, I was not happy. Not surprised, but not certainly not happy.

Citi had sent a notice a couple months ago doing the same thing. When I called them, they instantly lowered the rate to 7%. Not the 3.99% it was, but better than 17.24%.

I expected Chase to do the same, but no... not so much. They are now charging at least 17.24% across the board, no exceptions possible. Their reasoning? The economy. They're charging more so they won't go under like other banks have.

Surely, there's middle ground, though, right? I'm not a financial or banking expert, but I can't help but feel this is one more way the banking system is taking advantage of us.

When I told the Chase rep that I would be transferring my balance to Citi, the rep said, "Ok." Usually if you make that threat, they'll bend over backwards to help you!

Scott and I are finally financially stable and we've been significantly paying off our cards (used only in those extended times of emergency). We can handle this. It's ok.

But what about all the people who are losing their homes and their jobs? Who can barely buy food and diapers and toilet paper? How are they going to deal with this?

And these questions lead me to my next post...

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