Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Delicious Fabric and Impressive Willpower

You know how sometimes you see fabric and sewing accessories (or something else you love) and you have to buy it and then you aren't nearly as shocked at the total cost as you should be, but are more surprised that you actually bought all the great stuff?

Yup. That was me yesterday.

I went into Craft Warehouse just to get a couple card making things and I came out with...

So. Much. Fabric!

I just fell in love with it all!

I found an apron kit, including pattern and fabric. It was so '50's looking I just had to buy it. Or as my wonderful friend, Melanie, would say, "It just fell in the cart!"

Then I absolutely couldn't resist a pattern for a Manhattan Bag. (I have a thing for tote bags.) I had to choose six different fabrics for the bag and I just had the best time! I found a pack of fat quarters in browns and pinks that was exactly what I had in mind! Won't these patterns make a fantastic bag?

I also found this wonderful display of tea towels with directions on how to trim them with fabric. The towels themselves are solid colors, but it was so much fun picking out trim fabrics to match! I thought I would make a bunch for this year's Intern Auction at church. Plus... they'll make fantastic gifts!

Staying on task (working, kids, Girl Scouts) yesterday afternoon took even more willpower than not eating chocolate cheesecake when at The Cheesecake Factory. (Or so I would imagine!) But I prevailed! I didn't even peek in the sewing room door to look at my new treasures. Impressive, huh?

But those fabrics and patterns are now calling my name -- I hear it coming down the stairs all fluttery and pastel -y. Adios, dear readers! I'm off to sew!!

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Mandajuice said...

Dave and I call that place "Crack Whorehouse" because that's how he read the sign the first time we ever drove past it. Now I can't go in there without laughing.