Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do the happy dance with me!

Girl Scout cookie selling is ovvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrr!
(Wave your arms in the air!)

No more deliveries on cold, windy, rain-drenching days!
(Twist your body!)

Say good-bye to sitting outside Freddie's for hours on end!
(Get your head going!)

Stop counting and recounting hundreds of dollars that aren't even your own!
(Wiggle those hips!)

Reclaim your email since there won't be 20+ cookie related messages every day!
(Are you moving your feet yet?)

Admire the open carpet space that once held umpteen zillion cases of cookies!
(Turn in circles!)

Reallocate the brain power it took coming up with ways to incent three Girl Scouts to actually *talk* to people! (Strangely, talking to people actually helps the sales process. Go figure.)
(I'm out of dance moves so just do the Macarena for a while! LOL)

Save all the money spent at Starbucks for the necessary hot cocoa to keep warm while sitting outside during the coldest afternoons of the year!

Sweep all the receipts, forms, packets and instructions into the circular file!

Rejoice in the Girl Scout activity free weekends!

Ok, you can stop dancing now. You had to burn off those Girl Scout cookie calories somehow, right?

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