Friday, March 13, 2009

Life without Laptop

When Scott's company bought him a laptop, he beqeathed his old one to me.

Oh, Joy! I finally had the freedom to disconnect from a desk as so many others had done before me!

But as of yesterday, all I can do with my laptop is stare at it, uncharged and cold.

We're not exactly sure how, but the section of power cord that connects to part of the surge protector thingie (real technical, huh?) was damaged by...?

We don't know what (or who)! There are teeth marks and it's been chewed down through the layers, breaking and exposing the itty bitty wires within. It's in a spot right by the power block thing where we couldn't miss it, so it's unlikely it happened before now and we never noticed it.

I don't *think* Emma would do it and to me, the teeth marks look too small. But they do look bigger than a rodent's. We don't have rodents anyway.

We've haven't had any small children over in ages and ages, so other suspects have been ruled out. It's just the strangest thing!

A new part has been ordered and will hopefully arrive next Thursday, which seems like a very long time away! So until then, I'll polish up my tethers to the desktop and remember to enjoy the larger screen.

The big picture (hahahahahaha! get it? screen? picture?) is that I will remember not to take forgranted the ease and portability of my ancient and comparatively heavy trusty laptop.

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