Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Their Leadership Skills Are Developing!

Monday afternoon found the D. household filled with girls -- ages 8 to 12 -- for a Girl Scout event. Hayley's Jr. troop (the one I lead) was helping Emma's Brownie troop earn their very first Jr. Badge -- Looking Your Best.

As part of the Jr. requirements for earning their Leadership Award, they had to help a younger group of girls learn something new. So my girls decided to host "Looking Your Best".

I am so incredibly impressed with how well my Juniors did! They not only organized it and kept in mind costs involved, but they also did a fantastic job keeping the Brownies on task and focused (not an easy thing to do!)

Listen to how much fun it was...

  • Ate snack (fruit kabobs and Chex Mix - yes, the Jr's prepped all the kabobs)
  • Made their own lip gloss (Jr's tested in advance to make sure it worked)
  • Made a charm bracelet (Jr's came up with a system so that no one could argue over the charms)
  • Learned a dance (choreographed by Miranda, with assistance from Hayley and Leslie)
  • Learned about hygiene, including washing their faces (Hayley created a list they could take home and follow)
  • Enjoyed a mini-spa (nails filed and polished by the Jrs. while the Brownies relaxed with cucumbers on their eyes!)
The whole thing was just adorable! The Brownies were so appreciative and the Juniors -- what can I say? They really came through in their leadership abilities. I'm so proud!

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