Saturday, August 1, 2009

5 days and counting...

My writer's conference starts next Thursday evening. I vary between feeling pretty good/fairly prepared and freaking out because I am SO not ready.

Is anyone every truly ready, though? I don't know. Maybe.

I was able to spend last weekend in its entirety working on my book, proposal and pitch. Supposedly, I have 10 minutes to spend with each of the four agents/editors I've signed up for. So it makes sense that I prepare a pitch that lasts 6-8 minutes, right? That's what the information I've researched says anyway.

I've prepared a pitch that length and I'm pretty pleased with it. But I've also heard that I actually only need to talk for two minutes and they'll ask questions for the rest of the time. So I need to compose a shorter version.

I actually kind of did that while driving to a writer's meeting this past week. I took a couple hours off work (I logged in 46.5 hours of work this week, btw) to drive into Portland and listen to a seminar on what editors look for in press releases. Very informative and I'm glad I went.

But while I was driving (and in between the insanely painful nerve-induced stomach cramping), I came up with the beginnings of a shorter pitch. And I actually like it a lot! It feels really natural and conversational.

My job now is to expand upon it and practice, practice, practice until I've memorized it and can recite it backwards and forwards without stuttering. (I stutter when I get nervous.)

And once I've conquered that, I need to finish writing my proposal (almost done), keep polishing the first three chapters and print out several copies the proposal in its entirely.

So my heart is pounding like crazy right now. No prob. So my hands are shaking. No big. So I'm sure I'll break down in tears at least twice before the weekend is over. Whatever.

But I have no doubt that I can do this and will do it well. A favor, though? Please say some prayers for me. Let the words come and the nerves go. Let the confidence shine and the nerves go. Let the focus stay and the nerves go.

Haha. Nervous a little? LOL! I'll keep ya'll posted!


Barbara said...

You are wonderful! I've no doubt you will do well. Just remember those deep breaths...

Kidsncats said...

You will do GREAT and they will LOVE YOU! Feel free to call me and give me your pitch! :)