Thursday, August 6, 2009

Have you hugged your Support staff today?

I've been answering support emails at work for the past couple weeks. Hhmmm... what's more fun? A root canal, maybe? Kidney stones? 18 straight hours of CSPAN?

People are so mean! They say horrible things. "Call me so I can talk to something with a pulse" and "You probably won't answer for days" are two of my favorites. I can't even mention the worst ones. They are not fit to repeat on a clean and respectful site like Delicious as Pie! LOL

These emails are personally attacking, even though all of us at the company are simply trying to provide a much needed product. We are all working insanely long hours (it's typical for Scott to work an 18 hour day) to make the best product possible.

But it's software, people! Bugs mysteriously happen! There is absolutely no human way that any piece of software can ever be completely perfect. Or, I should say, can work for every human who *refuses to actually read instructions*! ARGH!!!!

Now, don't get me wrong. I get frustrated with software, too. We all do. A couple years ago when the newest version of Microsoft Word came out, I hated it. It was too complicated, too confusing, just too much everything.

But once I got used to it, I loved it. In fact, I'm still constantly discovering new features! "That is so cool!" is a frequent refrain of mine.

Never once did I write in to Support attacking them, insulting them or declaring my hatred of the product. Why do people think it's okay to do that? *It's not!!!!*

Support staff are people, too! Next time you talk to a support person, be it software, utility or city employees (yes, I know that's a hard one), thank them! Just a simple thanks for doing a hard job. Thanks for dealing with angry, spiteful people. We appreciate your patient efforts.

Have you hugged your Support staff today?

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