Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vegetable Haters Anonymous is keeping an eye on me...

I've willingly eaten *spinach* several times recently.

And I ate olives last night!

(I also are a scallop last night, btw, noteworthy even if it's not a vegetable.)

So what's gotten into me, you asked?

Well, apparently I'm exceedingly low in iron. Not anemic, mind you. But low enough for the doctor to recommend iron supplements. He did a blood work-up on me a couple weeks ago to figure out why I've developed random twitches.

You know when you're just relaxing and your arm twitches of its own accord? That's what's been happening. Except it happens quite often, most noticeably when I'm reading in bed.

It's not annoying, just weird, so when I went in for a check up, I mentioned it to the doc. He did some tests and noticed some other weird gross motor stuff -- don't worry, Mom. It's nothing dramatic.

After playing 20 questions with me, he asked, "Are you mentally fatigued?"

Of course I burst of laughing. Hhmm, let's see? Book... Proposal... work... summer vacation... kids... house...

Um, yeah. You could say I'm mentally fatigued.

Not that he wanted any details. It was simply a yes or no question to him.

So his diagnosis to the crazy tingling I'd been feeling (another thing I'd mentioned) is that I'm extremely mentally fatigued.

And when he notified me (by mail, of course) of the results of my blood work, he told me to take iron supplements and eat more iron-rich foods. Thus, the spinach. (The olives and the scallop -- well, that was just me being adventurous! LOL)

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Barbara said...

Hurray for being adventurous. As for miscellaneous twitches, my lower right (or is it left?) eye lid sometimes twitches insanely. Do I need more iron, potassium? Or is it just your father...