Saturday, August 8, 2009

Writer's Conference Update!

Well, we've completed Day Two. Today was easier than yesterday simply because I didn't have any pitches scheduled. Yesterday held three. Tomorrow holds two.

How'd Friday's three go? Well.... could have been better. The editor I met first with tried to push me into the "mom" category and then recommended that I a) self-publish or b) find an agent.

The agent I met with in the afternoon was wonderful. Soft-spoken and sincere. She loved my book and said she'd be absolutely shocked if it wasn't picked up. But (ya didn't see that big but comin', did ya? LOL) she's decided that she no longer wants to represent home reference/how-to.

I totally appreciate her honesty. That tells me she does her job for the love of it, not for the money (because, unless you're JK Rowling, there's just not that much money for anyone in the publishing world). I'd recommend her to anyone.

The third pitch I completely flubbed. The first two went off perfectly -- I didn't stutter or lose my place or forget to breathe. But that third one? I was not into it. Honestly, I was disappointed by the first two. Self-doubt began to creep in. So by the time I did that third pitch, I could barely get through the first two sentences of my pitch.

Pathetic!!! The agent was so kind, though. He said, "Ok, don't worry about it. How 'bout I just ask you questions?" So we chatted back and forth for a minute or two and he said he thought it would best be published by an independent publisher. Fine by me, buddy. I just want it published!

He wasn't jumping up and down enthusiastic, but he didn't have a negative response either. I got his card and will send him my book proposal as soon as I have it ready.

Aside from all that, I've met some absolutely wonderful people and am learning a ton in the seminars. I already have a BA degree in Professional Writing; while the mechanics of strong writing have not changed in the 14 years since I've graduated, the state of the publishing world has changed dramatically! I needed to get up to speed again.

So tomorrow at 7:30 am, I will don my SuperWriter cape and hat (sorry, guys, no skin tight clothing for this superhero! LOL) and conquer the publishing world!

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