Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'd forgotten what a life was acutally like!

I got the proposal in the mail yesterday morning. Yay!!! Weighed just over a pound. That's a lotta words, baby.

Of course, I still have to work 8+ hours a day, but last night and tonight, I've actually gotten to do other things -- guilt free!


Last night, I pretty much laid comatose on the couch. We all cuddled up and watched the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Such a great movie. Then the kiddos went to bed and me and the Tivo had a date. (I won't tell you what I watched 'cause it's down right embarrassing that I watch it. LOL)

Tonight, the organizing bee flew into my bonnet and could not be ignored. I finally tackled the several towering, proliferating stacks of... of... of... ok, don't like this word, but I'm gonna say it... crap. Stacks and stacks of crap. Manuals. Lost school supply lists. Way too many drafts of my book.

Those stacks did not survive the tornado of my organizational insanity. By family room is now empty of the chaos of running a house and writing a book.

Did ya read between the lines in that last paragraph? See that qualifier? I did *not* say the room is clean. It's um... full of other things. Check this out...

It's Emma's "room". It's been entertaining her for a couple days -- and trust me, since she talks non-stop lately, anything that will entertain her is my friend. Even if that means we have to sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair while we eat.

She's even been sleeping in there. She cracks me up.

So now I've gotten a quick reminder of what having a life is like. I still need to do some work tonight, but I think I can handle it now that I've had a little balance. Even if the balance was technically cleaning!

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