Saturday, August 29, 2009

An Emma Story

Emma seems to have enter the early stages of tween-hood. May the Good Lord help us all.

Her emotions are all over the place -- one minute laughing, the next screaming, the next crying, the next dancing with joy.

I can't keep up. I try to be mindful of her moods and be as supportive as I can, but it gets to a point where I just run out of sympathy. I'm so glad she's already in bed today. I'm ready to feel the faint hope of tomorrow being slightly easier.

Last night, Scott and I actually went out a date. A different restaurant than usual (meaning not as family-friendly as most places we go) and out to a movie. We saw The Proposal -- sooo funny!

Just as the movie was ending, though, Hayley called. "Emma's hysterical and she won't stop crying."

"Ok. The movie's just over. We'll be there in five."

"I'm sorry to ruin your date, Mom, but I don't know what else to do." Hayley is so sweet!

Sure enough, when we got home, Emma was sobbing and hiccuping and sweating. In short, hysterical.

She didn't know why. I think I caught the words "birthday", "school" and "friend" through the sobs.

So I took her upstairs, cuddled up with her in my bed and read a chapter in some Disney Fairies book to her. She was still crying.

On to Plan B. I laid down right behind her, pulled her close and sang the lullabies I sang to her on those endless, sleepless nights during her first year. (The kid didn't sleep through the night till she was 19 months old.)

By the second song, the crying stopped. By the third song, her breathing smoothed. By the fourth song, I knew she was sound asleep. I kept singing, though, remembering how wonderful infant Emma felt in my arms. Remembering the sweet-smelling, sweaty head snuggled into my neck. Remembering how deeply I loved her even when I was too tired to remember the words to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

And I love her even more now. Holding her close last night and singing her to sleep reminded me that she's still a little girl in so many ways. Growing up so quickly, but still needing her Mama every step of the way.

I am so very blessed.

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