Thursday, August 27, 2009

The last full week of summer vacation winds down...

We're all ready for school to start. Toys have lost their appeal. Bikes are garaged because it's so hot. Bored games? Well, boring.

There are only two things the girls have any interest in doing right now: watching tv and playing on the computer. And considering I monitor all "monitor" time (hahaha), the two of them pretty much wander around the house and bicker.

I'm ready for a school-year routine again. Scott's ready for me to come work in the office full-time. And the both of us would really love a conversation that's not punctuated with "Mommy!" or "She hit me!" or "It's my turn!"

Tonight was Back-to-School night for Emma's school. We found out who her teacher is and who is in her class. We checked out her classroom, but Em refused to smile about anything. Why? Her best friend is not in her class. I feel for her. I remember feeling that same distress and unintentional abandonment.

She'll be fine, though, once she gets started and remembers that a lot of her classmates are also her friends.

Hayley is starting the seventh grade! Holy cow! Again, I remember that so clearly! The night before school started (I guess that was 1984ish?), my mom helped file my nails while we watched a special on the Titanic. During the commercials, I talked about how it was a new year and everything would be different and wonderful.

Well, that didn't happen! Hayley doesn't seem to be harboring any such worries. She had a great sixth grade year and is anticipating an even better seventh grade year.

So here's to enjoying the last few days of summer break!

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