Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And procrastination sets in...

I heard it would happen. That one day I would open up my novel in Word and not know what to type.

That one day, is apparently today.

I'm procrastinating because I'm stuck.

  1. My plot (that was amazingly wonderful two days ago) is not going in the right direction.
  2. My main character is injured and can't get off the couch to help her husband search for her teenage daughter's diary.
  3. I'm desperate to plug in more details about the original plot of the book, but NaNo's hard and fast, completely unbreakable rule is No Editing Allowed! It's killing me.
  4. I've create a town full of unique and hilarious characters and there is just not enough room in the book to give them all their due
  5. I'm stuck in verb quicksand. I can't pull myself out of using the same three verbs over and over. Half the time I pop over to to find better words. The other half of the time I force my hand away from the mouse and chastise myself. No Editing Allowed!
Blah. It's almost midnight and I've written a mere 500 words in the past two hours. Not particularly productive.

I should go to bed. But I think I'm procrastinating about that, too.

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Valerie Geary said...

Suggestion: Write a later scene? While I generally write linear (from beginning to end), I too have found myself stuck. Instead of beating your head against the desk trying to figure out how to keep that scene you're stuck on moving forward, try working on another scene. One you've been thinking about and one you're excited to write. Then you can mull over the scene you're stuck on and come back to it... or... try taking a walk. I find it often jars my creative brain when I'm stuck. :) Good luck!