Monday, November 23, 2009

Unexpected free time

School bus departed, I dashed around the house getting my power cord, notebook and laptop into my bag.

Then the phone rag. It was Scott telling me that there had been a power outage at work and everything was down. "Don't rush over," he said. "I'll call you when we can work."

What? my mind spluttered. Don't work? Does that mean... Blink. Does that mean... Gasp.


Let's see... what should I do...

write my novel
do the breakfast dishes
clean the house
wrap Christmas presents
make some cards
prep dinner
catch up on all the blogs I haven't read this month

Or I could just climb back into bed and read. I like that possibility a lot!

Happy holiday week to you all, Delicious Readers! May you all find some unexpected free time!


Hay Dav said...
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Kate said...

Hi valariews! Thanks for reading!