Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Novel Updates...

That is, updates about my novel... Hopefully they updates are also novel. Then we'd have novel novel updates.

Ok, can you tell I'm way too tired?

I've been writing almost constantly since 7:30 this evening. That's about four hours, less some time to help install a microwave and put Emma to bed.

As you can tell by my sidebar count, I'm now at 16,494 words. That's 38 single space pages. And well into six chapters.

And I'm still loving it!!!!!

There are days when it's hard to sit myself down, though, because family duties (and mommy guilt) demand attention. Then there are other days when I write and write and write and write and could write more if I could get my eyes to stay open any longer.

Scott did, in fact, come into our room late the other night to find me typing with my eyes closed! Yes, my sentences did actually make sense and strangely, there were very few typos.

I'm not anticipating much writing time tomorrow because it's a special day for Hayley. She'll be officially twelve in just four hours and one minute. I promise to post photos. Maybe I'll even regale you with the story of my 35 hour labor. That kid was stubborn even then!

Off to bed now. Will dream of writing fun stories and using new microwaves. And birthday cake. Lots and lots of birthday cake.

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Valerie Geary said...

Look at you go!! You're a writing fiend!! Also Happy Birthday Haley!