Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sometimes my dedication to things is a real pain in the...


Here I am, Day 5 in NaNoWriMo, and I can't get myself to stop doing my day job. Oh, I want to. Trust me, I'd rather be working on my masterpiece.

But our world of software basically imploded this week due to an overworked, underpaid and slightly overwrought server. (Hhmm... maybe that description is more apropos for me.)

Customers are frustrated and are slinging virtual bushel of tomatoes at us. Let me tell you, those virtual tomatoes don't hurt any less because they're not real!

I've had to tell multiple people to stop all-capping at us. These people think the world is ending because a service they pay a measly $15 a month does not read their minds.


Do they really think we haven't fixed their issue yet because we think it's fun to make them suffer? Ok, it might be fun to watch them suffer, but we can't see them so really, there's no joy in it.

Yet here I am, trying my darnest to answer 85 support emails. My annoying sense of dedication to my job won't let me concentrate on anything else.

You, Delicious Reader, need to sit me down and give me a firm talking to. Here's what you're going to say:

"Stop answering those damn emails! {If you're a kid, please substitute "darn".} They're still going to be there in the morning, but these hours that you're using up will not! Don't you dare feel guilty! Your book is more important than anything else right now. You have got to focus! We'll all know you're not real fond of goal-setting, but you have set a goal for yourself this time and you are going to reach that goal! Now get off this damn (but amazing) blog and write your book!!!"

Ok, ok... don't get so excited already. I'm closing out of support right now. (Yes, I really did!) I'm opening Word and Chapter 2. And now I'm even closing out of--


Mandajuice said...

Stop answering those DAMN e-mails. And write! Because we both know that's what you're supposed to be doing.


Ashley S said...

It can wait until tomorrow. Nothing you can really do about it now! Teaching them patience. And maybe those tomatoes would be best served on a BLT or salad :-D