Sunday, November 29, 2009

Winna! Winna Winna Winna!

I am official "winner" of National Novel Writer's Month! My novel and I made it to 50,000 words!


The book is nowhere close to being done, but it's going fabulously. I love the way the plot is coming along and the way the characters are developing.

I know, I know... I haven't told you all what my plot actually is and well... sorry, but I'm not going to. I have this desperate fear that someone (not necessarily any of you), but someone out there who does not have a decent sense of morality will steal my idea.

Several of you have asked me for what my last book was about and I haven't told you. That's why. Nothing against any of you personally! :)

(By the way, I'm writing query letters out to agents and editors this week so if you happen to have any connections to anyone in publishing, please please please let me know!)


Valerie Geary said...

Congrats on finishing NaNoWriMo!

Anonymous said...