Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Squirreled Away--Your funny story for the day

Squirrels are ample in our neighborhood. Squirrels who apparently want to live indoors? Not so much.

But Emma and I met one this morning. In fact, she almost missed her school bus because of it!

She was standing on the porch when this crazy (but not rabid, thank goodness) squirrel started running back and forth in front of her. It would stop and watch her for a second, then run around some more.

That's when he started to go around her. If he'd have gotten past, he would have been inside.

Nuh-huh. Not gonna let that happen.

I pulled Emma back in by her hood. Had I been watching that on tv, it actually would have been pretty funny. We closed the door in Mr. Squirrel's face. I hate to be rude, but...

We peeked out the long window that borders the front door and this squirrel is sitting on his haunches looking at us. Em and I both knock on the glass to scare him, but all it does is bring him closer!

Seriously, this squirrel came right up to the window and stretched his little paws up on the glass to see us.

That's when we heard the bus. Emma and I just looked at each other. What to do?

We opened the door just a tiny crack and sure enough, Mr. Squirrel was right there trying to get in. You'd think my house was full of acorns or something. (It's not.)

We slammed it shut, hoping again to scare him. Now the bus is actually in front of our house and thank goodness, the bus driver can see what's happening so she doesn't drive away! I couldn't actually see her, but I imagine she was laughing her ass off.

Thankfully that slam worked because when we peeked out again, our squirrel friend was not in view. I literally shoved Emma out the door and said, "Run!"

She made it to the bus and our home remained squirrel free. And you, Delicious Reader, have funny images in your mind now to make you laugh throughout the day. :)

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Valerie Geary said...

I love this!! I had the same kind of thing happen the other day! And I took pictures: http://valeriegeary.blogspot.com/2009/11/on-authors-and-squirrels.html
Stupid thing even got past my dog who was outside at the time. What's the world coming to? It's the squirrel apocalypse!