Sunday, November 29, 2009

Deliciously Home Again!

(I actually wrote this on Sunday evening, but couldn't post it because I needed a couple things for it. You'll understand as you read on.)

We pulled in the driveway about 4:30 this afternoon after spending Thanksgiving weekend with my fam down in California. So that's why I've been incommunicado over the past week. (Sorry!)

Now I'm back, still stuffed with turkey and ready to enjoy the Christmas season!

But before I get there, I have to share these funny "I'm thankful for" quotes. We have a Thanksgiving tablecloth on which, every year, we all write what we're thankful for. The lists are
hysterical considering there are multiple small children writing out their thoughts. I kept in all the misspelling and other mistakes 'cause they're so darned cute! I just wish I could have gotten their handwriting in here, too.

Read on... (But before you get started, it would help you to know that Murphy is my parents' dog, Asta is my sister's dog and Daisy is my brother's dog. We, happily, don't have a dog.)

Hayley '09 (12 years old)
I am thankful for family and friends and vacation time and music and books.
And for Murphy, Asta and Daisy (they make me smile) and for movies.

Emma '09 (9)
I'm thankful for freinds and family, Asta, Murphy, Daisy, food, home, clothes, warmth & chapter books. God and Jesus too. Cheese (accompanied by pictures of said cheese)

Brandon 2009 (9)
family and my pets and my house video games and tv and movies.

2009 (6)
(family) Asta
Mrphiy and Daisy.
ChaperBooks. animals.
(God Jesus.) Movies.
(Pizza) food. Pepsi Ice Prinses
(then there is a drawing of a standing up mermaid in a dress and a dog head next to it)

Matthew (6)
'09 (he wrote his initials instead of his name)

We're not sure why Sophia put certain things in parentheses or where exactly Pepsi came from. She's not allowed to drink it!

And Matthew... you gotta love 6 year old boys!

It was so great to be with my whole family again. It was chaotic and loud, but the kids all played fabulously and my dad was in relatively good spirits. My amazing Hayley coordinated all the younger kids to make ornaments for my brother's Christmas tree (his first as a single man). The rest of us chatted while cooking, putting together an insanely difficult puzzle and playing Scrabble.

Was it relaxing? No. Was it headache inducing? Yes. Was it totally worth the 10 hour drive, the hotel stay and keeping Dutch Bros. in business for the weekend? Most definitely!


Valerie Geary said...

Ahhh... Cheese and Batman.... :) hehehee...

Kate said...

Really important stuff, huh? I love that Matthew put his brother (Brandon) third on his list! Hahaha!