Monday, March 29, 2010

The Cruel Mother Diaries: Spring Break Day 1

Mmmwwwhhhhahahahahahahahahahahah! The evil, evil mother has struck again!

And she may be fully regretting her wicked decisions by the end of the week. In fact, I can fairly guarantee that I'll be regretting my decisions by the end of the day.

My poor, desperate children are not allowed any monitor/screen time at all this week, Monday through Friday.

No tv. (Which means no TiVo -- how will they ever survive?)
No computer.
No cell phones.
No texting.

Ok, let me rephrase that earlier question... how will I ever survive? It's a matter of principal, though, and survive I must.

I am so tired of electronics ruling their lives. If they're not watching tv (which they don't get to at all during a normal school week), they want to be on the computer. If they're not on the computer, they want to be farming their crops or tending their fish on my iPhone.

I can hear the desperate cries now: But, Mom! My [virtual] fish will die in three days if I don't clean their tank! You're so mean! Don't you care about my [again, virtual] fish?

Tough fish food, kiddos.

My daughters need to use their imaginations again. And it's up to me to force the issue. When it's not raining (as it has been for about 20 hours straight now), they're going to be outside. For more than three minutes. Period. (Hayley and Emma are not outside kind of kids. Neither was I, so I totally get their reticence. Too bad, so sad. It's time to learn.)

I plan to give them snacks, water and a first aid kit, so unless they break a bone or crack a head open, outside they stay.

Alas, that rain. How many possibilities are there for inside adventures? Thousands!! And, horror! They'll have to think of them themselves without resorting to the computer for ideas!

Detox can be fun. Detox will be fun. Right? Right? Will this non-drinker be heading to the store for a bottle of wine at 5 pm? I'll let you know.


Valerie Geary said...

This post made me chuckle... it's raining cats and dogs out my window right now... I say you should make them go play in the rain. Make them into real Pacific NW kids. ;) Good luck!

Barbara said...

You might want to engage their little hands in housecleaning - it is time for spring cleaning. Take out all the dishes and pots and pans and have them wash and dry them by hand. And then they can wash the inside of the windows.

Kate said...

I agree, Valerie! I have wonderful memories of racing leaves down the water-filled gutters. Since it's supposed to rain steadily almost all week, I totally sending them outside!

Kate said...

Mom, love the housecleaning idea! We actually did quite a bit this weekend. I think the window idea is fantastic. Gonna give them chores every day. heehehehe. Adds to my evil mother plan!

Barbara said...

The furniture can also be polished. And floors waxed. Of course, this kind of housecleaning dates back to the 50s.