Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Cruel Mother Diaries: Spring Break Day 2

So Day 1 was not actually horrible! The kids knew there would be no tv and no computer, so they didn't even complain.

I was going to write that they didn't even ask, but they did. Of course, they both desperately needed to get on the computer to:
  • turn on some music
  • print out coloring pages
  • make a special Easter present for Mom and Dad
  • check the weather
  • etc. etc. etc
Honestly, it was all a bit funny. I mean, I specified no monitor/screen time and in my mind that translated to no technology. I had to really think about some things and make some challenging decisions.

They want to listen to music through the Blu-Ray player. Does that count?

They wanted to use my Cricut cutting machine. It has a screen. I decided that was okay, though.

I guess the screen/monitor hiatus isn't really about things that have a screen/monitor, but pulling them away from the technology they think they can't live without -- the computer, the cell phones, the iPod, etc.

But here's the incredible beauty of the day... They actually got along!!!!!

I'm not saying it was perfect or anything. There was some bickering here and there, but the day was a solid 92% fight free!

They played several board games together, did crafts, made pancakes and practiced their instruments longer than normal. It was so pleasant!

Day 2 is now dawning (or at least it did an hour ago) and I'm thinking about possible activities. Maybe the pool with a couple of their friends?

As of yet, everyone else is asleep. I'm barely moving down here so that I don't make a single sound t0 wake them up. I want to enjoy the solitude while I can!

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honeykbee said...

92% is most certainly a win!! Looking forward to hearing about day 2 and beyond...