Saturday, March 13, 2010

Supah Supah Fun

Got home a few minutes ago from a super fun evening out with friends.

Adult friends.

Children not included.

My awesome and amazing Hayley babysat Emma and Dave and Amanda's two kids. THANK YOU, HAYLEY!

So we went to this new Thai place called Wild Tiger. The service wasn't anything to email home about, but the food? Oh, yum.

Let me say it again.

Oh, yum.

I had this fried rice dish with cashews, pineapple, raisins and chicken. Mmmm mmmm good. And get this! I was even brave enough to try the cream cheese wontons. Crab was mixed in with the cream cheese and since I detest crab, my fork wasn't first in line when the plate was delivered to the table.

But try them I did. And I couldn't even taste the crab and they were crunchy and soft and creamy and let me say it one more time... oh, yum.

Our favorite coffee shop is *finally* opened past 8pm, so after dinner, we hung out there till we closed the place down.

At 9pm.

We're so old.

So the four of chatted away for the better part of three hours and for the most part, we talked as a group. You know how the men in a group always talk guy talk and the girls only talk girl talk? A fun couple night out turns into a carpooling girls'/guys' night?

I'd say for 90% of the evening we all talked together... traveling, childbirth, hysterical kid stories, jobs, writing...

And when we finally unlocked the door and entered back into the reality show called Parenting, our children were all playing happily. Thank you, Jesus! (Don't forget to read that with Gospel zeal. LOL)

Now in my happy dreams jammies, curled up in my favorite blanket, I'm waiting for Scott to tuck The Youngest in so we can watch a movie.

It's so good to have my husband home again. I'm gonna miss him like crazy as he travels more and more, but since I'M NOT MOVING, it's just gonna be that way. But I'll enjoy him while he's here. *wink wink*

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