Thursday, March 25, 2010

Muddled brain

I've started this blog post about seven times. I've got some really good first sentences going, but then I stall. Can't think of a single thing to say.

It's been such an insane week that I can barely keep my eyes open. Let me fill you in...

Monday: Work in the office, Emma to Girl Scouts, Hayley comes down with a fever
Tuesday: Work at home, take care of Hayley, meet with the pastors about VBS
Wednesday: Work at home, early day for the kids, help Hayley on a very lengthy project on volcanoes, Hayley to art, Emma and I to volunteer at church for a couple hours; wake up in the middle night to find Emma watching tv
Thursday: Work at home, take Neighbor Gloria on errands, wait for almost two hours during Talent Show try-outs at school, sit through another hour and a half of a very loud district wide Physical Education Exposition

Writing it out, it doesn't sound so bad. Actually sounds kind of average. Maybe it's just been more brain intensive than usual.

Tomorrow is... dun dun DUN!.... my last day at work!!!!!!


Uh huh!

Oh yeah!

No more Support!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can ya tell I'm a little excited?

I'll go into the office, perform my final few hours of Support, then head out to my new career of being a full-time writer!

I definitely have more to say about that. I'll leave those thoughts till tomorrow, though, when I'm awake enough to actually prove that my writing skills are decent. LOL

Bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, bed... (I read an article once about things that husbands/boyfriends did that drove their wives/girlfriends crazy. This one lady absolutely hated going to bed at the same time as her boyfriend because he always said, "Bed bed bed bed bed bed bed bed bed...." over and over and over again. Ever since I read that and laughed about it with Scott, we often repeat that mantra just for kicks. Bed bed bed bed bed bed bed bed. It takes so little to make us happy. LOL)

Till tomorrow, Delicious Readers! (And sorry in advance for any typos that I don't have the wherewithal to find and fix. Heeheehee!)


Debbi said...

Sounds like you will be a good writer - any thoughts as to what you going to write? Cos am looking forward to following your blog ...

Kate said...

Hi Debbi! Welcome to Delicious as Pie. I'm so glad you came. I'm currently writing a novel and have completed a non-fiction how-to book. Now that I'll have more time, I can start looking for agents in earnest.

Kate :)