Thursday, March 4, 2010

My kids officially think I'm old! But maybe they're just too young!

I made them watch Fraggle Rock the other day. Remember Fraggle Rock? Cute little Muppet characters living beneath an old guy's workshop? They sang and had adventures and had the coolest, wisest sage ever portrayed on tv -- The Trash Heap.

Red had a pickle car which I thought was so dang cool when I was 9! I had a little plastic pickle car that Red was driving -- I'm guessing it was from a Happy Meal. I zoomed it all over the house.

The Fraggles had this awesome ability to share their sleepy dreams. All they had to do was touch heads before they fell asleep at night. What a fun thing to share! (Or, if you're talking about my random and often terrifying dreams, comforting.)

Fraggle Rock could not possibly be complete without the Doozers. They're these little 6 inch, bridge building dudes. The Fraggles, though, subsist on vegetables and these bridges. Losing all their handy work never seems to bother them -- job security, I guess. Gotta love the underlying message of optimism!

(Sorry this YouTube video isn't so hot. The higher quality video they had couldn't be embedded.)

Picture the mood in my living room as I turned on Fraggle Rock (available on Netflix for instant download, btw) for my family to watch during one of our very, very rare dinners in front of the tv.

I'm sitting in my glider, boogy-ing away, singing, hooting, lovin' every second of this show!

Scott watches intently. (He's seven years older than I am, so sadly missed out on the Fraggles. Poor him!) He's willing to give just about any tv show a chance, so he watched the entire thing before looking at me like I was slightly off my rocker (or glider as the case may be).

Hayley gets up and leaves half way through.

Emma watches, somewhat mystified. "This is kind of weird, Mom. You really liked this when you were a kid?"

Uh, yeah!!!! What's wrong with these people?

Fraggle's Rock!!! (Ahahahahahaha! I crack myself up!)


Valerie Geary said...

OMG! The pickle car from McDonald's!! I have this vague memory of having one of those! I love Fraggle Rock too... don't worry. You're not alone!

Kate said...

Too funny, Val! Long live the Pickle Car!

Anonymous said...

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