Friday, March 12, 2010

Wahooo!!!!! Great News!!!!

We are no longer homeowners!!!

Why is this news worthy of dancing and joyous dancing and a celebratory dinner out?

Because... drum roll, please.


Our beautiful, 90 year old farmhouse has been on the market for two and a half years. (It was briefly off while we had renters residing there, but still.) And it is no longer!

It has officially closed, signed, sealed and mostly delivered!

I have to throw the "mostly delivered" in there since Scott's notarized documents are still sitting in a customs warehouse somewhere in Paris. Being that he's been in Berlin for the past week, he had to trek to two different American embassies to find a notary. Then his credit card was stripped of its dignity when it cost over 200 Euro to notarize the sale docs. Just in case you don't keep up on the conversation rates, that would be $275.15.

$275.15 for six stamps and six signatures.

It's horrible. A rip-off. An offense to needy travelers everywhere!

But it is just fine. Ya know why?

Because the title holders saw reason and closed the deal anyway!

And we don't own a house anymore!!!! $275.15 (plus a rather uncomfortable cashier's check -- amount not to be disclaimed) is a small sum to pay to be rid of the stress of owning a vacant house two thousand miles away!
  • No more several hundred dollar heating bills for a house no one even goes in
  • No more "legal" bills for waste services that aren't actually provided
  • No more sending out checks for mowing and snow shoveling
  • No more inconveniencing friends and neighbors to keep an eye on the house
  • No more yearly $3600, fully vested Vacant Dwelling Policy
  • No more being under water in a house we adored but will never live in again
Now you see why I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Goodbye, Delicious House. We'll always miss you!


Kidsncats said...

Doing the happy dance over here for you! :) I'm ecstatic for you guys! Wishing Scott a safe (and soon!) journey home! In a couple weeks -- you and I shall have to carve out some time to chat!

Barbara said...

It was a lovely house. I feel like crying but am glad you are on the west coast again.