Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make a Difference Monday! (Oops, it's Tuesday already, isn't it?)

Well, let's make it Make a Difference Tuesday! It's not as alliterative, I know, but we'll just have to be flexible.

Sooooo.... I only heard about one Delicious Difference after my Make a Difference Monday post last week. My amazing, fantastic, beautiful mother (Hi, Mom!) bought a box of Thin Mints in front of Safeway, then handed it right back to the girls to share among themselves. Mom said, "I've rarely seen delight as genuine!" (or something along those lines).

Go, Mom, Go!!!

My own difference today involves my 88 year old neighbor, Gloria. A delightful and completely deaf tiny lady, she's all alone and shut in despite having a daughter that lives just a few miles away. I make an effort to take her out, run errands for her, help her around the house when she needs it, etc.

I picked her up after work today and took her to the post office, then to the grocery store. Even though the store is less than half a mile away, it's too cold for her to ride her scooter, so she doesn't get groceries unless I take her. Fortunately, she's Mormon so she's got a nice stash of non-perishables stored in her garage. But the poor woman still needs milk and bread and lunch meat!

Gloria is always so grateful when I take the time to help her or even to simply talk to her for a few minutes. It's not always easy for me to do. I mean, the woman is lonely (and as I said, deaf) and therefore talks a blue streak at decibels that only dogs should hear.

But seeing the joy on her face when she sees me, the comfort she takes in knowing that we're two doors down if she needs anything... it fills my heart that I can make a difference in her life.

So who are you going to touch this week, Delicious Readers?

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