Monday, March 8, 2010

Sore calves, three drinks and the Leaning Tower of Pisa

What a weekend!

Amy, my wonderful friend from the outskirts of Chicago, flew over to gallivant and chat and play. And, boy, did we ever!

We attempted a hike up to Starvation Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. Key word being "attempted". Half a mile of 50 degree switchbacks and we were dying for a more moderate path. After rock hopping across a stream,

balancing on some way too narrow paths and hiking up some non-quite-as-bad switchbacks, we rounded a curve and...

The super-steep trails started all over again. Ames and I looked at each other and said, "Uh uh. No way. Not happening." Waterfalls be damned.

This was the view from the trailhead. There were three other falls we'd planned on seeing. Joke's on us!

But while the waterfalls were nixed, adventures were not! We headed into Portland to visit Voodoo Donuts -- a Northwest icon. While the donuts were amazing and unique (maple bar topped with bacon strips) enough to warrant the visit, the place itself? Ummm.... think Haight-Ashbury in the sixties.

Not exactly my scene. But definitely hooting and hollering laugh worthy!

Saturday followed with lunch at Beaches, a visit to Ice Cream Renaissance for a Leaning Tower of Pisa (two cookies balancing on two scoops) and an enjoyable stroll through the northern section of downtown Vancouver. The only way the day could have been any better would be to finish it up with two glasses of wine, a super yummy dinner (Rachel Ray steak) and a Scrabble tourny.

Good thing we did that! We even tied at Scrabble. How coolio is that?

One of the things I'd most been looking forward to sharing with Amy was my church. The service, the pastors, the congregants... It's definitely another home to me and since Amy feels as strongly about her religion as I do mine, I couldn't wait to share it with her.

By Sunday afternoon, Ames and I were both so sore from our unfinished hike that we were moving slowly. It was the perfect time to throw together some chicken chili for dinner and sit down with some Ginger Snappish tea for another game of Scrabble.

The tea had turned into drinks by 4:15, though. I'd organized a get-together with a few of my local peeps and let's just say, fun was had!!!! That's all I can say. This is a family-oriented site, remember?
This is Amanda (of, me and the Amesters!

And now Miss Amy is back at home, loving up her family. And I'm back to work (blah) and real life (good stuff). I miss her already.

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The Paper Princess said...

Dear Kate,

I just wanted to welcome you to Create With Joy! I'm so glad you became a Kindred Spirit - I look forward to getting to know you there and on your fab blog!

Ramona :-)