Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chicken Thought I Had a Trap

Congratulations to my amazing niece, Sophia!  She has just won both first and second place in a county-wide poetry contest. At the age of 7, she's following in her talented poet mama's footsteps.

Her first-place poem is just so darned adorable that I had, had, had to share it with you.

Chicken Thought I Had A Trap

I invited Chicken to my house. She thought
I had a trap out hidden in the door. Silly Chicken.
I don’t eat Chicken. I am a vegetarian.
I invited Chicken to a tea party!
Why isn’t Chicken here yet?
She probably thought I had a trap out.
I called her on the phone.
This is what I said, “I didn’t set a trap out, silly.
I am a vegetarian.”
We had a good time after all.

I double-dog dare you to tell me that you didn't get at least a little chuckle out of that!

1 comment:

margg. said...

hahaha :)
this is so lovely.

congratulations to your niece.