Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Siren Call

I'm sitting here curled up on the couch, my favorite blanket wrapped around me.  (May 12 and it's still cold.) I've been working on my novel all morning, but now my eyes are starting to close, my mind beginning to doze.

I hear the dreaded siren call of a nap.

Can I resist? I should, I really should.  Uh oh, I'm now typing with my eyes closed. I'm leaving the typos in here for your giggling pleasure. I should keep writing.  th ekids have an early day and there will be no writing this afternoon, guaranteed.

On the other hand, if I take a nap, I'll be in a better mood later on and  apositive outlook is integral fo r....

Falling asleep. Can't remember what I was writing about.

Can't resist the siren call.

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dhen said...

i personally like your blog.. the template is so cute. I've choose that template before...