Monday, May 3, 2010

Make a Difference Monday!

Happy Monday, Delicious Readers!  Are you ready for a fantastic week?

I am.  I'm ready to make this week a great one in spite of crazy stress.

The key, I believe, to look beyond our own stresses is to help others.  Make someone else smile.  Do something they don't expect.

This week, in celebration of Mother's Day, send out a few notes to the mothers you know.  You don't have to contribute to Hallmark's gross national profit or create fancy cards by hand.

Just find any old piece of paper (it might be nice if you didn't use, you know, the back side of a medical bill or something) and let that mom know that you respect them.

Imagine if you received an unexpected note in the mail.  You'd be thrilled, wouldn't you?  I certainly would.

So even if you just send out one note, or even if you only have time to send an email, you'll be making a wonderful difference in another woman's life.

Enjoy your week, Delicious Friends!

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