Friday, May 21, 2010

The Gauntlet Has Fallen

The Gauntlet has fallen, but we will survive.  We always do.

Scott's company gave him his 30-day notice this past Wednesday.

As challenging as it's been and will continue to be until he's settled in a new job, this layoff is a blessing. The company he was working for has been dishonest, untrustworthy, delinquent and unbelievably rude.

Scott is the most moral person on the planet and he could not, in good conscience, continue working for a company with such total disregard of values.  We gave them ample opportunity to redeem themselves, but each and every time, the executives refused to trust or grant benefit to anyone but themselves.

So in our opinion... good riddance of this idiotic company.

But the layoff means only one more month of paychecks. And since he hasn't gotten paid on time since last October, we don't know what to expect.

There are a couple employment opportunities immediately available for Scott, but neither is anywhere close to our home.

We'd have to move.  Which we were planning to do anyway for this other horrid company, but they so kindly saved us the time and trouble by stabbing Scott in the back.  (I'm only a little bitter. LOL)

We don't want to leave.  We're happy here.  But in this economy, our wants have little to do with where we actually end up living.  It's all about where there's a job.

Here's another blessing in this situation... Over the past month that we've known this layoff would happen, we've been relying strongly on our faith. I have a tendency to get angry with God (however unfair that may be), but this time around, I'm not angry at Him.  I've surrounded myself with His word through music, books, friends, VBS volunteer work and my writing.

Hearing constant reminders of God's love for us helps me remember that everything will be fine.  Better than fine, even.  I feel supported and lifted up in prayer. I feel like God is holding on tight to my hand and won't let go. I have total faith in Him. There's no anger or doubt to mar that feeling.

Spiritual growth is an incredibly powerful blessing.

Please pray that Scott finds another position quickly, in a company that will recognize his talents and morals and be willing to support his growth as person as well as an employee.  Thank you! :)


Prairiemaid said...

Praying God directs Scott's steps to the place HE has waiting for him.

Donna said...

Awe Kate, sorry to hear it!

Denise Z. said...

Sorry Kate to hear the news. Been living with the same situation. Never easy. My thoughts are with you, Scott and the girls. Denise Z.