Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to you!

I'm already feeling pretty special.  Emma made me breakfast in bed!  She made pancakes from scratch all by herself.  Without even any supervision over the griddle.  I'm not sure whether to be scared by that or not.  I'm choosing not.  If she's that confident in the kitchen and nothing went wrong, more power to her!

These weren't just any ol' pancakes, mind you.  These were pink pancakes.  On a pink plate.  With a pink napkin.  And juice in a pink mug.  Nothing like starting a day out surrounded by your very favorite color!

We don't have any particular plans for the day.  It's finally warm and sunny, though, so I'd like to relax on the hammock for a bit.  Not too long, though, 'cause I've got a resume to finish updating and a cover letter to write.  I really want to get them out tomorrow for the particular job I'm applying for.

Is your brow now furrowed?  Are you wondering Didn't she just quit her job to become a full-time writer? 

Yes. Yes, I did.  But certain circumstances deem the necessity of finding another job. (Life is never smooth, is it?) The job itself sounds ideal for me--it's a part-time writing/marketing job.  I've got all the qualifications, it's only 20 minutes away and it would allow me to maintain my full-time writer status.

Please, please, please say some prayers that I get this job. About six of the ten tons of bricks resting on my shoulders right now would fall away.

I'll keep y'all posted...  But in the meantime, have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Mother's Day!

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