Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of May Snowfall

Here (at last!) are just a select few of the photos we took at Lost Lake last Sunday. Yes, that was May 23rd and we still had to bundle up!

Granted, Lost Lake's altitude is 3,185 ft.  That's still pretty low for snow to be falling.

The path around Lost Lake is 3.2 miles.  A good part of it has a wooden walkway, but there were definitely parts where we had to climb rocks and walk through creeks.  In spots, the path actually took us literally to the water's edge -- within a few inches!

We found this great hollowed out stump that looked just like a throne.  
Of course, the kiddos had to take turns bowing down to each other.

Pretty little stream

See that white dot in the middle of the center tree trunk? Snow. :)

Is this picture incredible or what?  And, yes, that white stuff is snow.


Barbara said...

Wow... is all I can say!

Hay Dav said...

It was cold and tiring, but SO worth it!!!

Scott said...

We had a great time! Can't wait to go back this summer! Maybe then we'll see Mt. Hood as it towers over the lake since it was obscured by clouds on this trip.