Friday, May 14, 2010

A trip to Whole Foods without freaking out!

I'm not a Whole Foods kind of girl.  Yet I donned my bravery cap this evening and headed in, all for the sake of my food allergy-ridden husband.

Hungriness made him mopey last night. He's so sick of the few things he can actually eat. I can't even imagine how sick he must be of his home-made trail mix and baked potato chips.

So I bucked up and headed to Whole Foods, just to look for a couple new snacks for him.

Yay, me! I made it through the *entire* store without demising into a panic attack.  And the couple things I planned to buy turned into a whole bunch of treasures!

Agave (a plant derived sweetener) syrup is really making an entrance, it seems.  I found several things sweetened with agave, including gummy bears and strawberry fruit pops.

I also read the back of countless brands and varieties of soy milk to find a sugar-free, single-serving box. And find it I did!

Woot! Woot!

Tea. Fizzy fruit juice soda. Lemonade (again, with agave instead of sugar). And some really wicked-looking cookie things.  Squirrel food, seriously.  But they were the only sweet snack food that didn't have wheat, rice and cane sugar.

And, if you're not already sitting down, you might want to. I actually bought...  tofu.

Yes, folks.  Your eyes are not deceiving you.  I don't know what to do with it, but I'm about to find out.  (I'd love to hear any suggestions, Delicious Readers!)

When I got home, Scott heard me pull in the driveway and opened the front door for me.  His gorgeous, baby blues lit up when I handed him the extraordinarily heavy Whole Foods bag and said, "No more going hungry." (The man's already about to blow away.)

Every time he pulled something out of the bag, he did a little dance. I wish I could have gotten it on camera. Hahaha! He even hugged the popcorn bag!

My checking account took a giant hit since I spent almost as much on that single (but very full) bag of food than I do on an entire week's groceries.

His smile, though? Totally worth it.


Jennifer Shirk said...

I love Whole Foods but the closest one is like an hour and half away!

I love using agave in fruit smoothies. Much better than honey. :)

Barbara said...

Good for you, Kate. Cooking Light has some interesting tofu recipes.

Debbie said...

Bless his heart. I'm glad he has some food.

Holly said...

SO glad you found some food for him to eat. Poor guy. Yay you!