Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Parenting First

I actually stood in front of my kids and lectured them.

I don't believe in lecturing kids because from everything I've heard, it doesn't work.  (Well, that and the fact that I never listened when my dad lectured me.)

I'm all for positive reinforcement, natural consequences and two-way respect. Lecturing encompasses none of those.

Remember the teacups at Disney Land? Once you turn that metal wheel even a little, the cup just keeps spinning. Hayley and Emma both seem to be spinning their poor behavior teacups a little too much for my liking. And I don't think they can stop until I switch the ride off completely.

Which is what I had to do.  I am all done with the disrespect, constant bickering, arguing with me, interrupting me, "not hearing" what I say, complaining when I ask them to do something, always believing that the other is being treated better and receiving more privileges.

Even just typing that raised my hackles.  (What are hackles anyway?)

So I sat them down and let them have it.  Big time.

Did it work? I guess we'll see, but as for right now, the arguing about getting on the computer stopped.  Emma finished her homework without further complaint. Hayley headed up to her bedroom to read.

As for me, right now? I'm sending Scott Dairy Queen vibes. Maybe he'll pick something up for me on his way home from Men's Group.

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